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The Campaign for the protection of Copley village and The Sowerby Bridge/Copley valley.
The Copley Village and Valley Environment Protection Community Action Group.

The Environment Agency make many objections and observations. They request a fish and eel pass, a buffer zone on the river bank and comment on the flood protection. Again click the logo to read the full objection.

West Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive - Metro criticise the site as being not conducive to encourage sustainable travel. Click the logo to read the full letter.

Calderdale Council’s own sustainability Team have objected on the basis that the original project included a means of generating hydro electricity. Click the logo to read the letter.
I will add more as I get them so come back soon.
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On this page we are making available some of the objections that have been made about the Hybrid Planning Application, objections finished 1st April 2011.

The Campaign Group are greatly encouraged that some of the major organisations have made objections that are very similar to the ones we have placed.

Firstly - this is the template objection we made available and was printed and submitted by many people Click here to view.

British Waterways are responsible for the canal, the towpath and are concerned about the canal leaking into the Sterne Mill site about the trees and the bats as well as the visual amenity. Click their logo to read the full objection.