Copley Valley

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The Campaign for the protection of Copley village and The Sowerby Bridge/Copley valley.
The Copley Village and Valley Environment Protection Community Action Group.
The green areas of our town centres are a valuable asset that needs preserving. Many people use the valley for rugby, fishing, running, cycling and walking. These activities can be extended to include, archery, canoeing and orienteering.
Our valley has been the centre of much interesting history. From the old Sterne Mill and Sterne Mill Bridge with it’s literary associations, the old corn and fulling mills that were on the site. The creation of the canal (including the original canal that was destroyed by floods) the colourful barges that plyed their trade along the waterways and that now are very much a part of the areas tourist trade. The local history can be displayed featuring things like the battle of Sowerby Bridge (during the civil war) and the story of Wainhouse and Edwards fued. Walk can be begun from the centre that take in the Wainhouse story. The aqueduct at the mill, The Royal, and Wainhouse Tower.
The village of Copley was built as a model village and proceeds those at Ackroyden and Saltaire. This can be easily reached by a riverside walk or along the canal. The canal towpath has been recently surfaced and makes an ideal surface for people with limited mobility or in wheelchairs.
The management of the project would be by a Community Trust, funding will be from grants, renting out a tea room and craft centre on the site and parking fees.
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