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The Campaign for the protection of Copley village and The Sowerby Bridge/Copley valley.
The Copley Village and Valley Environment Protection Community Action Group.
There are alternative ideas on what can be done in The Copley Valley. These ideas are sustainable and enhance what is already there as well as supporting Sowerby Bridge town centre and traders. Here we document some of them.
The land that was the wire works could be built upon in a sustainable way that still allows the flood plain to function. It has been suggested that instead of cramming 214 housing units on there a visitor centre could be built along with a craft centre, maybe the visitor centre could have a classroom attached that would be used by visiting schools who could learn about the ecology of the valley and the local history.
Energy Efficiency
Recently the village of Bainbridge in  the Yorkshire Dales installed an Archemedean Screw to generate electricity form the river. This could be installed in the River Calder and power the centre as well as selling power back to the national grid, helping to fund the scheme.
CMBC already own the land so this can be transferred to the community as part of the current Governments “Big Society” and run by the community as a Community Trust.
The work required on the contaminated land could be done by applying for grants - The Environment Agency give grants specifically for this purpose.
Picnic tables could be provided for visitors and also the staff of Lloyds banking group. In fact HBOS group give grants for just this type of scheme.
The existing flood defences on the River Calder would be removed allowing the flood plain to function. Any buildings on the site would have to as be built with this in mind. Various designs have been produced that would allow the building to function whilst the river was in flood