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The Campaign for the protection of Copley village and The Sowerby Bridge/Copley valley.
The Copley Village and Valley Environment Protection Community Action Group.
During the run up to the local elections 2010 I wrote to all the Councillors for Skircoat Ward and Sowerby Bridge Ward, along with the candidates who were standing in the election, asking their opinions on the Sowerby Bridge/Copley Valley Transformational Project. We received some interesting replies. As we are again approaching a local election I have written to the Councillors and as I find out who else is standing to the other candidates to ask if their opinions have changed at all in the last 12 months.
I am posting the 2010 reply, my letter this time and the 2011 replies on this page.
First reply was form John Hardy, Councillor for the Skircoat Ward.
Councillor Hardy’s (Con Skircoat Ward) reply from last year can be read here
My letter to Councillor Hardy can be read here
Councillor Hardy’s reply can be read here

Councillor Martin Peel (Con Sowerby Bridge Ward) is on the Planning Committee and does not make any comment - see his reply here

Councillor Stephen Gow’s (LibDem Skircoat Ward and candidate for Mays election) reply from last year can be read here
My Letter to Coun Gow can be read here
And his reply can be read here
Stephen did not object by letter to either application but did object in person at the 1st application
Charles Gate (Green party candidate for Skircoat Ward’)’s reply can be read here
Charles Gate’s objection letter to the second planning application can be read Here
Charles objected to both Planning Applications

Anne Collins is standing for Labour in the Skircoat Ward - my questions and her replies can be read here.
Anne didn’t object to either Planning Application
Sowerby Bridge Ward Candidates
Denise Jagger (Lib Dem candidate for Sowerby Bridge Ward)’s reply can be read here.
Denise didn’t object to either Planning Application - however she is the only Sowerby Bridge Candidate who bothered to reply to my letter.
My thanks to the Councillors and candidates who have responded so far. These are the Councillors and candidates who we are still awaiting responses from. As far as we know - none of these objected to the applications,
Councillor Amanda Byrne (Conservative member for Sowerby Bridge)
Councillor Andrew Feather (Conservative candidate for Sowerby Bridge)
Marcus Thompson (Conservative candidate for Skircoat Ward)
Councillor Pauline Nash (Lib Dem member for Skircoat)
David Draycott (The Labour and Co-operative Party Candidate for Sowerby Bridge Ward).
Emma Louise Haldenby (BNP candidate for Sowerby Bridge Ward)