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The Campaign for the protection of Copley village and The Sowerby Bridge/Copley valley.
The Copley Village and Valley Environment Protection Community Action Group.

According to CMBC, the pollution of the canal is nothing to do with I&H Brown, but a “specialist contractor” hired by British Waterways. This raises a few questions. As you can see in the photos the equipment used was in I&H Browns compound- why is this? . Why would a specialist firm think it OK to dump equipment in a canal? Is expanding foam considered a suitable repair for this leak?

Genr8’s contractor have been attempting to repair the leak in the canal with expanding foam. They have dumped the debris from this into the canal. We have photo’s of this. I & H Brown have a track record of dumping contaminants into water courses and it seems nothing has changed.

Bridges are expected to be finished by March 2012. According to the original surveys they expect to be selling houses by this time next year! Why anyone would think about buying a house on a toxic soup is beyond me.
More photos have been added to the Project Update Gallery.

Contractors have been working on the North side of the canal bridge with a JCB. This has caused debris to fall onto the open tow path. We have alerted CMBC to this and they are dealing with it. It should not have happened though. A mother had to run under the bridge with a baby in a pram. We continue to have doubts about this contractor.

October 10th is the date work starts on the traffic lights at the junction of Hollas Lane and Wakefield Road.

Many Copley residents are concerned about this planning application that CMBC have passed. One, Lynda Brown has written to The Secretary of State about it. Read the reply here.

GenR8 have appointed contractor I & H Brown to work on the site. Should
that encourage us? Have a look at this page

Work is progressing on the site click here to see what is happening.

As rumoured and not confirmed by CMBC - despite numerous requests, GenR8 began moving onto the site - 6:50AM they were spotted. There is now a metal cabin on site (brought over the canal bridge that will not support heavy vehicles and therefore has to be demolished!).

Tuesday saw a JCB begin digging on the site. During the planning application stage Genr8 claimed they will be working with the residents - that doesn’t apparently include informing people who live very near that they are beginning work.

Access may be difficult but I will try to put regular updates on this site.

July 2011 news update.

Press release (Microsoft Word format) (PDF Format)
Read the Newsletter here
At the Planning Committee 7th June 2011, the Planning Application was passed in a farce of non-democratic theatre. See HERE for details.
One of the things that the public are being told to sell us this scheme is that it will create 600 NEW jobs. (Note that it specifies New jobs - not just jobs transferred from elsewhere).
We have done some investigation and it turns out that if these jobs are not created then central Government can claw back he money that Yorkshire Forward have provided to “de-risk” the scheme for Genr8. Genr8’s planning application states 570 jobs will be
Photos of the canal pollution 3rd Dec 2011